Forthcoming gigs

As of May 2021, after the year-and-a-half hiatus caused by covid-19, there are some vague glimmerings in the fog.

An Arnie Cottrell Tendency gig at the Platform in Southampton in late June, and Dan O'Farrell & the Difference Engine at Wickham Festival in early August have both been mooted; once I have more details and precise dates they'll be posted here.

Anyone holding their breath in anticipation of online solo performance live streams will have long since expired, but you can keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

While you're here, it would be much appreciated if you could follow me on Bandcamp where I'm newly registered. Perhaps you could even be persuaded to buy a download, if you feel so inclined. Many thanks.

Alternatively, the most practical help you could offer would be to buy me a coffee - it's all the fuel I need now I've given up smoking.