On the corner

Theatrical, anarchic Mingus-repertoire band formed in the mid 1990s. Their fluid line-up included Dick Heckstall-Smith and Ed Jones for two UK tours

Mingus in Newcastle was their only official release.

Five minutes of ‘Fables of Faubus’ is from a Radio Newcastle broadcast – though much of the rest is from Heckstall-Smith’s Walkman, sound quality is surprisingly good. The sheer intensity and roaring excitement certainly overcome any rough edges.
Chris Yates - Jazz UK

The band reached its peak during 1999, when the line-up from this recording was augmented by Paul Young on saxophones. About twenty hours' worth of live recording from the 1999 tour still exists, and some of it may eventually make its way onto soundcloud.

Mingus in Newcastle


Mingus in Newcastle cover

1 Fables of Faubus
2 Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am
3 Duke Ellington's Sound of Love
4 Haitian Fight Song
5 Ecclusiastics

All compositions by Charles Mingus

Dick Heckstall-Smith - saxophones
Ed Jones - saxophones
Adrian Fry - trombone
Andy Daniels - piano
Rick Foot - double bass
Steve McDade - drums
Recorded live at BBC Radio Newcastle (1)
and at The Corner House (2-5)
on 16 February 1998