Solo voice and bass

After 30 years, Rick Foot decided to leave the band at home – and he’s hitting the road armed only with his double bass, his loop pedal and his toothbrush. Along the way, he’s singing warmly cynical songs about the insanities of modern life. Why? Because he was tired of waiting for someone else to do it. What’s happened as a result? The album Rain Machine, an EP of idiotic and expedient songs and gigs at festivals such as Larmer Tree.

"Rick Foot over at a packed Village Inn [at Larmer Tree Festival]was splendid and off-the-wall (pretty much the theme for the whole festival really). Playing only a Double Bass and accompanying himself with some neat echoes and loop pedal effects, the man simply enthralled. Mournful without being morose – good humoured without slapstick and a nice line in Half Man Half Biscuit silliness. ‘Your House: Full of Twigs’ topped an excellent set."

Barrie Dimond, Festvals for All

"Rain Machine is not like anything I have ever heard, ever. A solo album by a double bass player that isn’t jazz? How could that possibly work? What would it even sound like? OK. It works so well that Rick can actually do it live, mutitracking himself so coolly that we never even spotted him tapping his loop station. It sounds beautiful, it sounds like everything you could possibly do with a double bass that is good all in one place at the same time; whatever it is that you love about the double bass, it’s all there; no-one bows like Rick and no-one feels rhythm in quite the same way as Rick when he plucks out a feel and, strangely, no-one makes it sound quite as deep as Rick does."

Arnie Cottrell

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